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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> a person who did something wrong should pay for it. >> anna is the victim's niece thchl is how she reacted to news police intend to arrest the man responsible for her uncle's death. >> i'm sure that he will do whatever is appropriate. and this is very sad something like that happened to a nice person like my uncle. >> she runs a travel agency that her uncle started decades ago. his empty desk is a sad reminder of the accident march 29th. police say he was crossing and walking east when the light turned green. they say that this bicyclist crossed market street when the light was yellow. the collision took place in the middle of the street. an internet posting from an e
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mail implied it was a crowded crosswalk and that he plowed through it at a least-populated place he could find. police looked at a security video reportedly taken from a twin peaks tavern. a source tells abc 7 says it shows him going at a good clip, hitting the man straight on. and that there were few pedestrians at the time. >> there is evidence leading to provide for us to be able to believe not only there was negligence but probably there was negligence in this case that is reckless. >> the district attorney says he will prosecute. the only question is whether to charge him with a misdemeanor or felony vehicular manslaughter. it could carry a 16 month sentence upon conviction. captain dennis o'leary told axe bc 7 police are recommending filing felony charge autos we're seeking a
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warrant for the bicyclist arrest for felony vehicular manslaughter. >> and police tell us he has been cooperative and given a statement. his lawyer did not return our calls today. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a touching story bay dog he is cued after being dragged for miles behind a pickup truck. the dog is recovering tonight after his back leg was amputated. thursday a pinole family noticed the dog dangling from a truck and they tried to get the driver's attention but were not successful. >> he was trying to break free. you can see he was jerking back and forth and trying to survive. and honking the horn. yelling and screaming. nothing worked. >> the rope snapped and the dog fell on to the roadway. doctors say freeway is doing very well and that he is
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learning to dal bal on three legs. >> and an east bay woman being held on $1 million bail for the role in abduction of a 5-year-old boy in st. louis missouri. the 59-year-old rhonda matthew as rested along with her son jeffrey stone outside chicago. they're accused of taking stone's son from st. louis childrens hospital where he was being treated for a life threatening heart condition. police say the custody dispute put the boy's health in danger since he only had a day's worth of heart medicine with him. >> and this felt like waits a nightmare we're never going get out of. we didn't know where they were going. >> porter and his mother were reunited. the father and grandmother face charges for kidnapping and child endangerment. >> a big demonstration against wells fargo in san francisco brought out many of the same people we've seen at similar
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protests. and noticed same stories being told by the same people. and there is a look on who is talking and some of the things they're not saying. >> in this protest, supporters look for people directly affected. in the case of yesterday we're looking for people who lost homes because of foreclosure. >> bruno told me that he lost his home. >> the loan was fraudulent. >> he said the appraiser overestimated value of the house by a quarter million dollars. >> and before ink dried we're $243,000 underwater. due to an inflate add praiseal. >> and what we didn't know is that he is a real estate apraiser. he admitted he didn't check on the value of that house in reno. and just made the payments for four years. and this is up until the
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bubble burst. then, he stopped and lost his house. his suit against wells fargo was thrown out of court. he's appealing. >> they stole my family home is not right. >> max told vic lee wells fargo evicted his parents. >> they moved into my uncle's home. his house was then foreclosed on. >> it's the same story i heard a year ago. >> they moved out, then his hoes house was foreclosed on. >> the union organizer told the same story many times. what he does not say is why this financial crisis seemed to follow his family from house to house. >> my dad and his brother did hotel security. >> he explained his dad and uncle were in the same business that tanked over the phone his father told me he had to borrow on the home. >> $181,000 mortgage became a $380,000 mortgage he says he didn't know about that so i asked him what role he thought
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it played. >> how many was their responsibility for what happened? any? >> i think responsibility that there are thousands of families losing their homes here. and when these banks being bailed out with our tax money there is a question we need to ask here about who is responsible? people responsible are the banks and executives here. >> without a doubt, banks and mortgage companies all had a share in the crisis. as did home omen -- owners. a spokesman says these are complicated issues and the bank did receive $25 billion from the tarp bailout which it repaid, on time with $1 billion in interest. >> thank you. >> police have released sketches of three men wanted for a pair of hate crimes in san francisco. first happened on the morning of march 29th on castro street and the second on market.
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police say the victims were beaten while being called homophobic names, the suspects as you can see here are described as white or hispanic males all three speak with what police call an east coast or foreign accent. >> investigators trying to identify a body of a man whose body was found in bodega bay. the body first spotted by hikers last night and darkness, lightning and high tide forced rescuers to wait until morning to retrieve it. the body had been in the water sometime soit could take days to determine whether he was among the people lost after that sail boat accident near the farallon islands last week. >> and right now a rescue team is trying to verify a possible sighting of the gray whale tangled in fish netting. it may have been spotted south ofmont raichl the troubled
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whale first spotted off laguna beach last knight week but rescuers lost sight of it shortly after attaching marker buoys. experts say they need to work quickly. >> we know this does wear on them, we want to try to get that gear off as soon as possible. >> there are tourists that were encouraged to keep an it out for the whale. and there is a team plans to tour tomorrow in hopes of finding the gray whale. >> the golden gate bridge which turned 75 this year is just getting better with age thanks to ongoing earthquake safety upgrades. so so, doyle drive which must be replaced completely. there is latest on a very big job. >> we're in the presidio overlooking a new, old section
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of doyle drive side by side. we want to point out this curved structure. it's hard to tell and that is the entrance to a tunnel f you use doyle drive you'll be in that tunnel beginning monday. they're roughly the same age just a year apart but for upgrades one case replacement was the choice. in another... retro fitting. >> there fire department was outside doing tests on the new tunnel carrying both directions of traffic. when completed in 2015 will carry southbound traffic only. in a major earthquake the tunnel walls design sod there might be damage but no collapse. retro fitting rejected as an option here with a frighteningly low safety rating. >> it's low. i mean, this is inventory in
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california this is probably the lowest. >> replacement will require demolition of the structure, first phase at record speeds. the bridge will be open but it's expected to be congested. >> my suggestion would be to take advantage of the ferry. if you haven't been on for a while, they're more than doubling our service on saturday and sunday. more than doubling on lark spur and sausalito. >> marin residents expect southbound 101 to be a parking lot. >> i think it's going to be like a head on collision you're sitting there and lucky to summit. >> there is rereplacement considered as an option, engineers said waits in danger of collapse centered near the bridge. there is a project underway there since 1997 and should be done in 2018. the chief income cannot
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imagine replacing this icon. >> and what we're doing now, we simply coming and repairing small element that's need replacement. >> and caltrans in preparation for the friday night closure of doyle is meeting this afternoon with law enforcement including park police, san francisco city department of traffic and parking and chp, getting details worked out for the 8:00 p.m. friday closure, won't open again until monday morning. the message from caltrans is just stay away. stay away. if it's possible. if have you to drive across the bridge expect major delays. in the presidio, abc 7 news. >> that is almost certain to occur. to find your way around, be sure to down load waze app to
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your smart phone. this is available through i tunes or android market. >> and just ahead we'll follow up on an exclusive, we can now reveal how this loot wound up along oakland's lake merit. the children who found it and who this belongs to. >> the outlook for the year's great crop in napa valley after an unusual spring what. will summer bring? >> a bank says checking akt is free for life. then, begins charging. i'm michael finney. coming up, 7 on your side holds them to the promise. >> and what some people will do for sigh yengs. this is what it takes to protect your health from a hungry mosquito. what'll it be?
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right now is a critical time of the year for grapes that will be picked, crushed and bottled into fine wine. last year's weather was tough on vineyards and explaining this year could be different both for grapes and worker who's pick them. >> there is a lot of prettier fruits. >> sometimes, being a reportser gets perks like tasting out of the barrel. >> this is beautiful vine. yes. >> but grape growers know it wasn't easy to come by. 2011 was a difficult growing season because of heavy rains and a unusually cool spring. >> we made great wine. just less of it. >> demand for wine is on the rise. if you're looking for signs of a recovering economy grape growers say look no further than wine country. >> there is a sense for people to feel richer when stock
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market sup. we've seen a rush. >> the shortage won't last long. as for to 12. >> it's rare that there is nothing bad to report. >> the napa valley grape growers explained the wet weather paved the way for this spring to be hot and sunny. >> for spring time to be dry and warm means good pollenation. >> good pollenation means more grapes. and that is also good news for workers who harvest them. many farms come to relie on my grant workers but here in the napa valley there is a different trend. vineyards tended by year-round employee autos we're looking for more farmers staying in this valley to work on the same farms so they get to know the vine. the plant. and they're as family with those vines as we are. >> growers say it will help if a year like to 11 happens again. >> having a trained knowledgeable crew that really knows your vineyard helps
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tremendously. >> and there is mystery of the missing lake merit bag of treasure has been solved tonight. there are several bags of jewelry helping to clean up the lake. police say the owner was on the way to have the jewelry appraised when he couldn't find them. young ters who did attend st. paul's episcopal church. >> i'm happy it wasn't stolen and happy the person claimed it. >> i thought it was involved in a robbery. and robber needed somewhere to hide his stuff. and yeah. just scared we, like gave stuff back back. would it have been cool if we went to the school. >> those kids are great. something along those lines may happen. police say the owner wants to thank them in an appropriate way. >> that is great. >> yes. neat story. >> there is some weather
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changes we're predicting haven't materialized. >> there is a storm not strong. >> beginning to look stormy out there. there is this live view from our sutro camera. there are clouds in various levels and not much being reported now in the way of rainfall hitting the ground. it looks impressive. there is moisture we're picking up. a lot of moisture, most to our south throughout the day. there is rain showers moving up. there is up in mendocino county there are light rain showers and a few hundredths of an inch of rainfall. there is moisture being picked up through san francisco and across the bay. around livermore looks like shower activity occurring now. these are light scattered showers. no significant or measurable
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rainfall yet. but we're picking up and beginning to hit the ground. around campbell there is light showers being picked up and moisture moving over san jose. it's not reporting measurable rainfall now. there is light showers as well. so here is a hook at current temperature reads. it's mild around the bay area now. there is mid-60s around the bay. there is spotty showers throughout the evening hours and into tomorrow morning. there is clearing and sunny warmer days ahaechld satellite radar image shows one little trough is sort of breaking apart and moving out. we'll get spotty showers out of it. next front moving in and pushing clouds into the north bay now.
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let's start at 7:00 this evening, at which point we'll he see widely scattered showers and they'll continue for a while and break up and then, overnight we'll see the front approaching from northwest producing more scattered showers in the early morning hours. looks like the front will break up and move through tomorrow. producing widely scattered and maybe in the widely scattered but light scattered showers. by end of the noon, early evening out of here and will be drying out again. rainfall totals not significant. we'll expect less than a tenth of an inch of rain from activity over the next 24 hours. there is cloudy conditions and spotty light showers there is high temperatures into low to mid-60s. a cool day here tomorrow. and we do expect partly sunny skies into afternoon hours and similar conditions near the monterey bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is sunny skies and
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warmer and drier friday. and that pattern continue was high temperatures climbing back above the 80 degree mark. >> sunny, warm skbrer drier? i like that. >> we'll take it coming up a local technology company that hopes to add hundreds of job autos we'll drop in on drop box. plenty of room to grow. it
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we're told all muni under ground train lines now are shut down inbound and outbound
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there. is a track problem there. so the underground system is closed now. >> a major pharmacy chain being blamed in part for the coco busson oil spill. the ship owners filed suit against long's drugs claiming long's negligently sold prescription bugs to the pilot who steered the ship that day. the lawsuit claims the pills clouded the judgment of the captain. does it not say what drugs he was using but that they should not have been taken together. longs is now owned by cvs. >> in alameda county a lot of eye brows being replaced for a possible replacement for nadya lockyear. according to east bay citizen mary hyashi contacted three ut four about being appointed to that seat. you may remember hyashi plead
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nod contest after her arrest. her attorney later revealed she was being treat forward a brain tumor. lockyear resigned in disgrace last week after a stint at rehab admitting to having an affair with a recovering drug addict. the remaining supervisors have 60 days to choose the replacement. hyashi turned down the state assembly at the end of the year. >> we're going to follow up on the mad cow discovery in central valley. we've learned more about the potential right after this tokt food supply. >> a woman and a discrimination case to a job she applied for when she was a man. a landmark ruling for the transgender community. >> a man discovering his free checking for life offer had expired. stay with us. ñsñsñsñsñs÷s÷s÷s÷sú
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we have new information tonight on a case of mad cow disease that has been discovered in the central valley. a cow carcass tested positive for this disease. we know the cow was five years old and came from a dairy farm in tulare county. more on health risks that are not fully understood. >> all of the talk about mad cow disease isn't keeping patrick patterson from his double cheese burger. >> i don't believe it's going to kill me. >> down the street in an organic vegetarian restaurant. >> they're talking about they're happy they're vegan and vegetarian. so they won't have a chance of getting mad cow disease. >> the discovery remains a mystery. >> this is called atypical mad cow. they don't understand how the cow got it this veterinarian believes this is an isolated incident caught by the
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government's monitoring program. he doesn't believe it means any other cows from the same dairy are infected. >> it's a disease that is infectious. so there no way it's going to transmit from cow to cow. >> much is being made of the fact the cow was discovered in a rendering plant and not going to be eaten but that is because it died at the dairy. the plant turns dead animals into household products. most cows do end up. >> and there are no precautions you can take unless you decide you don't want to eat beef. >> but the medical districter -- director believes there is no real risk. >> i don't think consumers should be concerned about this. there is red meat can be part of a healthy diet. you don't want to have it too often. >> pat patterson isn't going to let it affect him. >> i don't believe the fda would let me eat bad meat like
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that. >> in past cases of mad cow disease cows became infect bid eating remains of other cows ground up for feed that. practice has been banned. so until scientists can figure out how this cow got the disease and if other animals are infected questions about the safety of the food supply remain unanswered n fresno abc 7 news. >> dr. beser questions whether the government testing enough cattle for mad cow disease. only 40,000 cows are tested every year. >> a landmark disease by equal exemployment commission extended sex discrimination rates to the transgender community. mia macy led the fight after being passed over by a job at atf. she applied while identifying as a man and claims she revealed she was transitioning to a woman the atf gave the job to someone else.
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the eeoc ruled she had been discrime fated against. >> we're just like everyone else and pay taxes we're nurses and cops and lawyers and we just want to do what everyone else has the same rights. >> there is a complaint filed by the transgender law center. >> this decision is important because it provides for transbender people around the united states whether in public or private jobs with a remedy for discrimination. >> the atf office had no comment today for abc 7 news on this ruling. >> tonight's money matters apple sends prices higher after sliding for two weeks there is and gave the biggest one day gain of the year. the dow stocks did well, too, up 89 points for the bayday and says the economy is
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growing moderately and promised further action and there is south san francisco company vimeo fell 5.5%. >> when you buy something with a lifetime guarantee have you ever thought about what lifetime teens -- means? >> a man opened a checking akt free for life but that is before his bank was swallowed by other banks. >> there is free checking for life that didn't last for life. saying fees started so-to-show up on the statement. he demanded the bank live up to the promise no matter how old this promise. >> back in june of 1971. >> robert was a 17-year-old junior in virginia when he made a great financial decision. >> there is a new branch in
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arl ling ton virginia he said someone of the friends were all that impressed but he immediately hopped on a bus, went across town and signed up. >> i'm 17 years old and thinking that is going last me a long time. >> a lot happened since then. there his bank was swallowed up. >> from common twoj nation's bank he kept the same account this time and true frommis it stayed free all this time. and then nations bank merged. robert became a p of a customer. and his free checking lipped away. >> there is looking at charging a service fee. >> the freebie ended after 40 years happening when balance
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dropped below minimum. and $14 monthly fees kicked in. >> i thought it was free checking my life. not the life of the promotion. >> we contacted bank of america. and b of a said it did have a lifetime promise. and the bank did say we typically honor legacy free checking account agreement as we've done in this case. so b of a refunded him 168s ndz charges and placed a permanent fee waiver on his account. >> and i'm not sure how permanent the permanent waiver is. i'm hoping it's pretty damn permanent. >> he says with bank fees he's very glad he had the wits to open thap free account. if you open that account and
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are charged later let me know about it. look under 7 on your side. we have gone back. >> good to know. >> thank you. >> we have an update on that muni track problem, muni told us trains are all moving again. >> they're slowing around areas because of a problem with the switching system. but they're on the move once again. >> good news, coming up next the incomparable and the life and career and role in the east bay.
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one of the greatest ballet dancers in history mikhail baryshnikov opens tonight in a new play. >> he won't be dancing much. he plays an aging russian general in a show called "in paris". >> don sanchez sat down with him. >> paris, 19 30s. mikhail baryshnikov is a russian ex-general falling in wlof a young russian waitress. >> it's classic kind of case. it's short and tragic love affair. and this is a short story. >> the staging is unique. poetic, music and words in russian and french.
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>> there is a type of nag mag in a tiff way. you know? there is not that much text. >> his dancing electrified the world in the most-celebrated of ballets. nominated for an oscar in his first film "the turning point". and who can forget this? >> being creative artist you have to push yourself. and that is into unknown territory autos absolutely. taking chance autos he's done it all. a recurring role on "sex and the city". >> there is a goal to lend interest to the arts and to young people, for their career
6:41 pm
autos mikhail baryshnikov says he doesn't have time to look back. >> it's done. it's -- there is no time to think about it. >> and he believes life can't be cluttered with a past. >> unless have you the better to clear your mind. >> he does dance just a little. there is a project in his future n berkeley abc 7 news. >> and this is fun to watch the clip autos it plays through may 13th. >> just ahead tonight the art and science of mosquitoes. what it takes to protect the public.
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a tech company has new head quarters in san francisco with room to grow. drop box officially announced it's arrival on barry street. the company currently employs about 100 people and says it's looking forward to expanding and there is room for 550 employees. >> we love it here. and have lived here about four years and moved here from boston.
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it's been a great experience. people from around the world are creative and building things i've gotten you involved and twitter, zynga and zues, all of you are inrofled in the great partner relationship with the city. >> drop box provides a free sharing service for users and faces new competition from another company. google yesterday launched google drive. it's file storage and sync service. >> late spring rains filled creeks and ponds and there may be a banner mosquito season. most if not all of us do everything to keep away predators but a statement found a man used to being their main course. >> as an example of what some people give for science. >> this is not a formar part of the job description. >> where are the headquarters of the mosquito and vector control. there is a special room and a very unusual task.
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>> these are ideal photos for mosquitoes. >> was it last? >> no. it will clear up just in time to see this case filled with mosquitoes and marked with dates? >> the dates are the dates when they were last fed. >> by me. >> because hungry female mosquitoes have finicky diets so once a week he rolls up his slif to provide insect equivalent of a five star meal. >> i feed them my blood. >> it's a standard practice because it's easy and you still want to get out of the room. right? >> there are many counties with vector control agencies. they hang the traps and there is west nile, among them. >> we're here to protect public health he has collected insects all his life. >> this is spending a lot of
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time. >> these mosquitoes are unique. because they have no built in resistance for pesticides and there is he does have a resistance to mosquitoes. >> i feel sickly sensation. >> and speaking of pesticides they only use them as a last resort explaining these tanks fill filled with mosquito fish. they breed millions every year to put in stagnant water, one fish can eat 500 larvae every year. >> it's a good method because once we plan to fish we don't need to use pesticides. >> there is a the rest of the is routine. there are thousands of mosquitoes along with living larvae.
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he's a phd. >> what i found is that you're living from grant to grant. i got tired of that job security. >> you're living from bite to bite? >> yes. >> 25 minutes in with feeding almost finished those mosquitoes lost their physique autos they fill up like football autos engeorged would be the determine. >> each of the motorcycles took one drop of blood. >> if you scratch you'll make it worse. >> he's become so immune that an hour later evidence of the feeding all but disappeared. >> it's better. >> yeah. much better. i don't feel any itch now. >> it's good. becausen't it time for his lunch? >> and give that guy a bonus. >> yes.
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and some say it's wet out there. >> there are showers just starting to develop. there is rain drops there. you can see moisture we're picking up on our screen. there is around vallejo, moisture in the air and sprinkles develop and showers and light rain reported near fairfield. over east bay there is activity heavier. and san jess yeah now reported 3/100ths of rain in this area of showers that has been in that same polgs and and near monterey bay. and we expect nice, spotty scattered showers early part of the day. at least partial clearing by afternoon. high temperatures into low to
6:50 pm
mid-60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming trend beginning on friday. sunny skies throughout the weekend and into next week, highs climbing into the low 80s inland. >> and why did a key giants player come home in the middle of a road trip? >> larry beil gets to the it
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, one kidney, three bodies. it's a medical first turning out you can recycle just about anything. >> then at 11:00 you'll still be able to say it's in the mail. how u.s. postal service was saved today at least for now. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now to a sports and an inning interest coming up from the giants. >> it's an issue talking about an every day life buchl not so much in sports. it's mostly covered up and seemed odd when aubrey hough left the giants suffering from an anxiety attack. initially the giants said he had a family emergency but real story came out today.
6:54 pm
he struggled at the plate and in the field on saturday. he had to play second base and hard to blame the guy and his mistake led to a mets rally and there giants continuing their series today in cincinnati. barry zito good stuff once again. curve ball and they're scoreless on the first inning zp there is the second homer of the year. 2-0 on the giants. there it goes. there is a the bull pen just imploding. first play and there is a pitch incomes brian hannigan. they're in the 8th inning. this is a great opportunity for a little hawaiian language lesson. the guy who won today has the
6:55 pm
most-butchered name in the game. and he is a 23-year-old right handier acquired in the trevor cahill deal. struck out five and there is a tie up in the 400th career home run. they go into 14th inning. chicago up after scoring on the bottom half. there is hector santiago. tying it at four. and there is is a flare down the line. that is a fair ball. good night, game over. drive home safely. and yae. i mean we nef give up z have a big hit right there. that kind of gave us some
6:56 pm
momentum. you know? next four, five guys just rolled after that. awesome. >> and nfl draft is tomorrow in new york. no suspense for andrew luck who will be the number one pick by indianapolis. four players could go in the first round. and there is griffin going number two to redskins. quarterbacks asked what they admire most. >> and this is a play watching the game, the end of the game how did that just happen? the play making ability is impressive. >> this plays a lot of composure, more exciting than people think he is. and nba news james harden cleared to play after suffering a concussion when meta world peace elbowed him. the man used to be known as
6:57 pm
ron artest says he never intended to hurt anyone. >> seems anger but there was a lot of passion involved. and this is erratic passion. it was way too much. and i'm happy he's okay. >> and there is harden okay for playoffs. >> on our fisbook page you can john the conversation about that whale. >> check us out there. >> from all of us, thanks for watching. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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